Session 3 - Ta'vess

Roy, Zippy, Mike, Andrej, Sean, Oliver
Players missing: Keith
Players added: Zippy

Date: 15 October
We started in the Griffin’s Tooth. We had just gotten back from meeting Valen and Trilian. We were waiting for the evening to discuss the future with them.

Rocku, being extremely drunk, stumbles out of the inn, followed by Gavix to look for him. Turin, the innkeeper, notes that it is darker than usual outside. He then went to look for Rocku.

I took the opportunity to check out the place, ever expecting an ambush. The kitchen, however, was immaculately clean.

Andre had walked outside and saw a hooded figure approaching the inn. He illuminated the alley with a spell and spotted a dwarf wearing tattoos looking very similar to the ones on Valen. He went inside to meet the rest of the part and asked if we are looking for Valen. The dwarf shows his tattoo, which is from house Relictus. He tells us to follow him, and we do.

As we left the tavern I spy the biggest gorung human I had ever seen. This bastard was a good seven and a half foot tall and wide as a troll. He growls out that we are wanted for acts of terrorism and murder and to come quietly with him. The dwarf pipes up and tells the mountain that he isn’t taking us. The mountain clefts the dwarf in half before we even see his sword move.

Z decides to enter the battle by throwing smoke. Mountain struck Gavix with the broad side of his sword. It knocked him clean back a few feet. Two guards behind us make themselves known by talking about the sky filling with falling stars.

I decide I don’t want to be in a death pit with the mountain of a man so I quickly identify a fire escape I may be able to parkour up to. I make a scramble for it and nimbly bound off of one wall and onto the ladder and up to the platform. Taborrind tries to cast something, but the mountain just moved. Z shot an arrow but it glanced off of the shoulder. Sean shoots an arrow into the mountain, but it goes straight through the right arm. 4

Sean gives Gavix mighty strength Gavix slammed his sword into the mountain and actually moved him. The mountain cleaves through Andrej and Oliver. I shot twice and missed, not really wanting to be in the battle to begin with. Andrej hits him hard with lightning. Sean hits him true with an arrow and sets Gavix up with more strength. The arrow Sean shot went right into the eye socket of the Mountain, sticking out the side of his head. Gavix hits with a lethal blow, cutting off his left foot.

Mountain slumps on his sword and yields. The guards step forward and tell us that we’ve bested a champion and so all charges are dropped. They tell us to show up at house Dravidian in the morning.

We search the body, and find broken gear and a brooch. I made a science check on it to determine it was a location beacon. I activated it. Z introduces herself, says she can help Gavix.

The falling stars were starting to get very bright. We all put our heads together to try to figure it out. Science lore says it was not natural, the stars were incredibly low, and Sean determines this happened during the great betrayal. Z and Andrej confirm the event is magical.

We head back to the tavern and Z heals Gavix & Taborrind. I suddenly felt much more sure of myself…

We leveled!
+1D6 + Con health
1 primary ability advancement
1 primary ability focus


In the middle of the night we heard loud bangs. Gavix jumps to look out the door. There is heat and light as we see the front of the tavern has been utterly destroyed leaving a crater where it once was. Tabborind runs fro m the room next, looking for the innkeeper. I got up and examined the crater. I suddenly had a glean of genius as I determined there was a person inside these meteors. He was naked and fully clothed. Varial tells us things are about to get much more dangerous for all of the houses. Z presses the button in the kitchen and a battery explodes in her face.

Gavix goes for Rocku, who was still sleeping, and gets pinned down under a beam that fell. Taborrind helps bronzebottom, gets him out. I put cloak over my face & go to rescue Gavix. I blast the beam in half to get it off of him. Varrid climbs in the meteor with the body and skins the naked man. Magic explodes from the body throwing Varrid a long ways in the air and landing with a bone-crunching thud. Z runs in the room and proceeded to beat the gnome about the head with slaps and kicks to wake him up. She finally wakes him up and gets him clear of the room. Taborrind tries to carry bronzebottom but can’t make it out. He climbs out and leaves the innkeeper. I parkour out of the burning building and leap with such momentum and speed that I’m able to grab the innkeeper on my jump up and launch out of the crater with in in tow. Z carries Rocku out and casts a wooden bridge out followed shortly by the flying robot.

Session 3 - Ta'vess

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